Property Security and Maintenance

We genuinely want your stay to be full of enjoying everything the Methow has to offer. Since 1995, Housewatch has served hundreds of clients In between visits, making the experience of owning a vacation home easy. We are happy to discuss options you may want to explore. Below are our most common services. 

Security Visits
We check inside and outside of your structures and yard perimeter. You can customize the visits weekly, twice a month or monthly.  We suggest a more frequent schedule, as significant problems can arise any day and season, which gives us a chance to get the repair done before your arrival. Visits are structured to cover the basics such secure windows and doors, operable waterlines free of leaks, functioning appliances, and cooling and heating systems. We try to coordinate security visits with your arrival dates so the house is clean, comfortable and in good working order prior to your arrival.


We open your house for your family or guests and clean up afterward so it is ready for the next visit.  We offer on site laundry services, window washing and garbage removal.  Additionally, we offer spring or fall cleaning and organization projects.

Project Planning

We will research your project, and provide a plan for how to proceed. We will contact subcontractors and handle other details related to your home project.

Lawn and Landscaping

We provide services related to keeping your outside manicured, including mowing, irrigation checks and repairs, and weed removal. We recommend Firewise mowing and cut back of long grasses and brush from around the home and outbuildings.  We can also work with subcontractors on design and installation of your major landscaping projects.

FireWise Treatments

We have a fleet of brush mowers and other tools to complete your FireWise treatments around your home. We work with homeowners to identify needs based on national FireWise recommendations.

Handyman Service

Have some minor repair needed before your next return? We provide small repairs of existing structures and systems in your home.

Snow Removal

We offer snow removal services that include raking your roof, shoveling your steps and entryways.  We also have walk behind snow blowers to remove snow from walkways, paths and decks.   

Site Time

We will run errands for you prior to your arrival, meeting service repairmen and obtaining bids for your projects.  We often mail forgotten items back to you after your stay. We also arrange for delivery services before or after your stay.